The founder of RussianLegal, Andrey Kozlov, gave an interview to leading Russian media on the "Deloviye Linii" case

During the interview with "Kommersant", Interfax and Forbes Andrey Kozlov spoke in detail about the essence of the conflict between Mikhail Khabarov and Alexander Bogatikov, and about the unique precedent where a Russian court applied interim measures in a foreign lawsuit.

Mikhail Khabarov applied to the London Court of Arbitration (LCIA) to recover $25 million from Bogatikov's structures. Seeking not to lose the asset, the owner of "Deloviye Linii" attempted to transfer ownership to his relatives, which would have made it impossible to enforce the foreign court's decision.

"We consider the changes in the ownership structure of "Deloviye Linii" as a blatant attempt by Alexander Bogatikov to hide his assets to avoid paying the claims of our companies, which are purely monetary in their nature," said Andrey Kozlov, representative of Solarstones Limited.

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