The Firm's Partners at the St. Petersburg Legal Summit. The Future of Education and Risks for Business

Andrey Kozlov and Kirill Ermolenko participated as speakers at the St. Petersburg Legal Summit.

The first day of the summit was devoted to the topic of legal education.

At the Erarta Museum, students and professors of law schools engaged in conversation with employers. Experts discussed new educational formats and requirements of innovative industries for young professionals. Andrey Kozlov, attorney at law and managing partner of "Gofstein & Partners" participated in the discussion about challenges that university graduates will have to face soon. The founder of the firm's education department began with an unexpected suggestion: to forget the meaning of the word "lawyer". Andrey urged session participants not to limit themselves by the traditional notions of the profession, not to be afraid to immerse themselves in new things - and not to stop in the constant process of self-education. "To live through experience is to open the door to the future," he underlined. And reminded that the world is changing rapidly - so it is worth choosing new individual professional strategies. And they are more easily and successfully formed within complex game learning formats.

Another discussion was devoted to painless conflict resolution in business. Kirill Ermolenko, partner of Gofstein & Partners, reminded that a foundation for a healthy business partnership is written agreements and fixation of all negative scenarios, because most failures are often caused by the exaggerated expectations of partners from each other. Kirill advised undergoing regular "legal health checks" to identify and eliminate these risks before they turn into serious consequences.

In the first half of 2022, the RussianLegal law firm operated under the Gofstein and Partners brand, then the firm continued to operate under the original name.