Andrey Kozlov spoke at Kommersant session on the eve of St. Petersburg International Legal Forum

A special session on "Corporate Law and criminal liability in the era of sanctions" was held on June 29 in advance of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum. "Gofstein & Partners" became a partner of the event.

Speakers at the session focused on the most urgent questions of the current situation. Among them — introduction of external management of business, fair environmental responsibility, tax management and optimization in the sanctions period, limits and mechanisms of application of antimonopoly legislation in the situation of economic disengagement, criminal liability and criminal risks in the era of sanctions.

Andrey Kozlov, managing partner at "Gofstein & Partners", spoke about the relocation of business, shareholders and management in the sanctions situation. He noted that relocation should not be understood solely as an exit of a company or business from the country, it can also be considered as an opportunity to enter new markets. There is a new trend in the IT market: investing not in a company or a startup, but in the technology itself. This approach brings new interesting challenges for law firms working in this area.

In the first half of 2022 the RussianLegal law firm operated under the "Gofstein and Partners" brand, then the firm continued to operate under the original name.