RussianLegal has successfully reduced the cadastral value of the leased land

The RussianLegal team successfully reduced the cadastral value of the land leased for a warehouse hub for FMCG goods in Moscow - from RUB 450 million to RUB 150 million.

The cadastral value is the basis for calculating taxes, determining rents and the price for which state-owned land can be bought into private ownership. According to the law, the cadastral value should coincide with the market value, but in practice, it is often unreasonably overstated. A quite logical practice for state institutions is detrimental to the process of forming a healthy business climate.

Recently, the courts have been less and less willing to accommodate applicants in cadastral disputes against Rosreestr, but the RussianLegal team has been able to succeed, having done a lot of work both at the preliminary stage and during court proceedings.

In particular, in response to Rosreestr's objections to the forensic examination conducted by the RussianLegal team proved that in determining the cadastral value of a land plot, only its actual use should be taken into account. Thus, the possibility of using the disputed facility for trading, and not just for storage activities, cannot affect its cadastral value upwards, as the authorised agency mistakenly claimed in court.