RussianLegal Saves a Client from Being Put on the Register of Rogue Suppliers for a Violation of Product Nomenclature

As a result of a mistake made by the sender, a Federal Law No. 44-FZ state customer received equipment of a different nomenclature but fully compliant with the specifications.

The customer relied on the violation as a formal reason for rejecting the delivery and filed a complaint with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia to put the client on the Register of Rogue Suppliers. The client became aware of the complaint as late as two days before the decisive meeting.

Despite the tough deadline, RussianLegal managed to promptly review the applicable case law and prepare a response showing that the penalty proposed was disproportionate to the nature of the supplier’s violation and succeeded in persuading the FAS to support that opinion.

Our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the government ordering process helped us do what looked as almost impossible to be done – protect the bona-fide supplier from the risk of complete stoppage of its business. This case became part of the negligibly small percentage of acquitting verdicts and showed that a thorough legal analysis and an in-depth review of the facts of the case could contribute to a success story even in the most complicated cases.