Vitaly Chernyshov

Defence Attorney


    Academy of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Honours Diploma Advance Training Institute of the Russian Investigation Committee, “Investigation into White-Collar Crimes” (2012), “Investigation into Tax Evasion Crimes” (2014)

    Membership in associations

    Member of the Moscow Bar Association


    Economic and White-Collar Crimes, Crimes against Persons

    Vitaly Chernyshov

    Defence Attorney

      Vitaly specialises in defending our clients in criminal cases over corruption, white-collar and economic crimes. He also manages complex and high-profile cases over crimes against persons.

      Vitaly had been serving as an investigator at various Prosecutor’s Offices and the Russian Investigation Committee over 15 years. In the recent years of his service, he worked as a member of an investigative team of the Russian Investigation Committee’s Central Investigation Department for Especially Important Cases where he dealt with high-profile criminal cases for white-collar and corruption crimes.

      He was awarded a Degree III Meritorious Service Medal in 2012 and a Degree II Meritorious Service Medal in 2016.

      • Defending a real estate agency in a fraud case; after the detention, the accused person was subjected to a restriction-of-travel order; the search for the accused person was held to be illegal; and the investigators did not refer the case to the court for over two years for material inconsistencies in the accusation and incomplete investigative efforts.
      •  Defending a construction company in a theft case, with the detention of its CEO being replaced with a house arrest and then with a restraining order.
      •  Defending a construction company in relation to a tax evasion case, which was subsequently re-characterised as a minor offence and the case was closed for expiry of the limitation period.
      •  Defending the managers of a company in relation to a failure to pay customs duties.
      •  Defending the manager of a large financial company against accusations of thefts allegedly committed by him as a member of an organised gang.
      •  Defending a manager of a company against an accusation of extortion.
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