Ivan Spirin

Defence Attorney


    Vologda Institute of Law and Economics under the Russian Ministry of Justice

    Membership in associations

    Member of the Moscow Bar Association


    Economic and White-Collar Crimes, Countering hostile takeovers

    Ivan Spirin

    Defence Attorney

      Ivan specialises in counteracting hostile takeovers and protecting companies and their managers and owners from economic crimes committed by their former counterparties and business partners.

      He represents our clients on a regular basis during various investigative activities carried out by the Department for Economic Security and Anti-Bribery (DESAB), including searches and inspections, collection of explanations, and criminal proceedings.

      • Opening a criminal case for a hostile takeover of a foreign company in Russia.
      •  Closing a high-profile criminal case against a foreign person.
      •  Defending a large-scale company before the DESAB in relation to a theft of $500,000 by its counterparty.
      •  Defending a large-scale construction company in relation to an alleged theft of money in the course of performance of a state contract to build a seaport.
      •  Defending an international trading company in relation to an audit initiated by the DESAB upon request of its former employee.
      •  Defending a large-scale construction company in relation to an alleged failure to pay taxes in an especially large amount.
      •  Defending a logistics company and managing its efforts to open a criminal case in relation to a theft of goods worth EUR 500,000 on a Russian border.
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