RussianLegal Assisted Relatives of a Hospital Patient Suffering a Serious Pneumonia Caused by CoVID-19 to get an Import permit for Unregistered Drug

In the course of treating pneumonia in a patient, he was found to manifest an acute allergic response to most of the antibiotics usually administered in similar cases while being bacterially resistant to those drugs causing no allergic response.

In order to prevent the patient’s condition from getting worse, the attending physicians decided to use a drug manufactured by U.S.-based Unipharm that had proved to be effective but had not been put on the Russian State Register of Medicines.

RussianLegal urgently drawn up an application to the Russian Health Ministry for a permit to import said unregistered drug for vital reasons and compiled the required set of supporting documents.

As a result of our efforts, such permit was obtained within just five days and the drug was finally imported and delivered to the attending physicians.