Supporting International SARS-CoV-2 Studies and Data Exchange


Supporting, by instruction of the Russian Government, the humanitarian exportation of an DNA synthesiser to Japan as part of an international CoVID-19 research data exchange programme

Vector Logistics LLC
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A Kaliningrad public health institution was ordered to send to Japan an OligoMaker 48/6 DNA synthesiser for use in scientific research.

While the device had been in possession of the institution for several years, no related documents were available. Due to the institution’s inability to prove its acquisition and ownership history, customs authorities prohibited the device from being exported even for humanitarian purposes.

In the course of the related research, it was found out that the seller (dealer) was wound up with no opportunity to restore the shipment documents.


Despite the fact that an exportation permit was eventually received from the Russian Government, the Japanese institution had to get a similar device from China due to the time-consuming bureaucratic procedures.

The long approval process revealed gaps in interdepartmental collaboration amidst the pandemic and had a negative impact on the reputation of Russian governmental authorities who tend to reverse public activities under uncertainty.