RussianLegal Got a Court to Call a Massive Array of Evidence Important to Resolve a Major Shareholder Conflict

One of our permanent clients faced a classic corporate conflict between two shareholders of a company. The other shareholder, who was also the General Director, completely pushed aside our client from the corporate management of the company, disrupted several GSMs and made a number of loss-making transactions amidst a conflict of interests.

One of the numerous legal proceedings related to this conflict was about claims for losses against the mala fide General Director who had purchased expensive properties at the company’s cost. The dispute was essentially over the questions of whose money was spent to purchase those properties and whether those properties were used to increase the company’s profits or for the Director’s personal purposes.

RussianLegal managed to find out that the lessee under the lease agreement submitted by our opponent died several months before the transaction was made. It also became clear from certain indirect signs that the properties were used by the Director himself and generated no profit to the company.

Upon assessing those considerations, the court granted our motion by requesting a large array of evidence from various governmental authorities and private entities to demonstrate the numerous abuses committed by our opponent against our client. The facts found can subsequently constitute a ground for new legal actions and claims against our opponent with the ultimate goal of successfully resolving the conflict in general.