RussianLegal has acted on behalf of major investors, Parony Limited and Sarrio Investments Limited, participating in Victor Baturin’s Bankruptcy Case

RussianLegal has acted on behalf of a major investment holding in the Arbitrazh Court of the Republic of Kalmykia and the Sixteenth Arbitrazh Appellate Court, both considering a bankruptcy case of Victor Nikolaevich Baturin. The total amount of claims against Mr Baturin, as registered in the list of his creditors, is over RUB 3.2 billion. The tax authority filed a lawsuit challenging a transaction made to ensure proportionate distribution of some of the debtor’s assets to the creditors.

A comprehensive analytical job performed by RL’s lawyers allowed them to articulate their compelling legal position based on the newly formulated case law. As a result, the arguments put forward by the tax authorities were completely ruled out. Also, the tax men failed to give any reasonable response to the counter-questions asked by the Court.

Thus, our lawyers managed to defend the major creditor’s interests and achieve the ultimate goal of gearing up the sale of the debtor’s assets.