RussianLegal Prevented an Attempt at Stripping Assets through fictitious arbitration proceedings

RussianLegal’s lawyers won a dispute before a trial court over the issuance of a writ of execution based on an award granted by the Garant Arbitration Tribunal.

According to said award, a shell company got rights in a mansion in the centre of Moscow. Concurrently, RussianLegal’s team was engaged in proceedings on claims challenging a transaction whereby Georgy Bedzhamov, ex-Chairman of Vneshprombank, sold that building through offshore companies under his control.

Thus, the application for such writ of execution was just a new attempt at preventing the asset from becoming part of the debtor’s bankruptcy estate. In response to the actions taken by our opponents, RussianLegal’s lawyers acting for Mr Bedzhamov’s financial administrator joined the proceedings involving a dispute over the writ of execution as a non-party intervener and submitted certain evidence showing that the proceedings before the Arbitration Tribunal were a sham litigation.

Furthermore, our lawyers previously managed to cause the court to seize the mansion to prevent it from being otherwise sold.

As a result of our efforts, the court refused to issue the writ of execution so that the asset remained in the ownership of its previous proprietor.