RussianLegal has worked out an instruction manual describing the applicable documentation procedures for catching and subsequent customs clearance of the crab to be exported

Upon request of Russian Crab LLC, the largest crab harvesting company in the Russian Far East, our lawyers have worked out a comprehensive instruction manual describing, on a step-by-step basis, the procedures to be followed to execute the required veterinary and customs documents for the company’s exports.

The project is aimed at creating a document explaining the peculiarities of obtaining crabbing permits, customs clearance of crab produce and execution of veterinary documents, and  describing, in an easy-to-grasp schematic manner, the procedures for using the Cerberus, Mercury and Argus databases.

The algorithm of the instruction manual shapes up the requirements imposed by the EAEU law for various catching and export options and provides any expert prompt access to technical data related to the routine matters of dealing with crab harvesting.