RussianLegal Used MSAL’s PRO.Education Platform to Hold a Contest on the Subject of Beneficial Ownership in Corporate Disputes

An inter-university student contest was held in May at the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) with the use of the PRO.Education platform. The students were tasked to solve a corporate law case prepared by the RussianLegal team.

The contest participants had to answer a question: Can an ultimate beneficiary make his own defence in court (in this particular case, challenge AGM’s resolutions) if he is not a shareholder but is only involved in the company’s business through its corporate network? The students were asked to put the arguments for the beneficiary and for its opponents who were the company shareholders.

The case was based on a slightly modified dispute resolved in early 2016 between Maxim V. Moskalev and Aspekt-Finance Closed Joint-Stock Company. That dispute was widely publicised and made a virtual revolution in corporate law.

After the perusal of the best written works of the participating students, the winner was declared. It was Ilya Kushner, a student of the National Research University Higher School of Economics, who displayed good theoretical knowledge and flexible legal logic supported by strong arguments both for the beneficiary and for the company shareholders.