RussianLegal Protected a Client’s Rights before a Prosecutor’s Office as Part of an Employment Law Compliance Check

A former employee of a major ready-to-eat food delivery service filed a complaint with a prosecutor’s office for an alleged infringement of her employee rights and legitimate interests by her ex-employer. Her claims became an absolute surprize for the client as she had never raised any complaints against her employer, whether when terminating her employment contract on her own initiative or previously during her employment period. Originally, the situation developed in a discouraging way as the prosecutor’s office demanded that the client provide it with a huge number of various internal documents and written explanations in just one day.

RussianLegal managed to extend the deadline for one week and helped the client prepare the entire package of documents requested and formulate its legal position. Upon a visit and the submission of oral and written explanations to the prosecutor’s office, the latter stopped its compliance check against the client with no infringements found.

That outcome was very important to the client as it had never been previously held liable under employment laws since the date of its foundation in 2012. The client values its business reputation, provides a comfortable and safe work environment for its employees and fully realise its social responsibility to the public.