Mergers and Acquisitions

A Successful Deal Rests on Masterful Negotiation Skills and Keen Understanding of Industry Specifics

RussianLegal supports various M&A projects related to venture investments and IT industry, establishment of real-sector joint ventures (such as manufacturing and production companies), share redemptions by mandatory offer, and share capital transactions complicated by disagreements among shareholders and corporate conflicts.

We have extensive experience in carrying out due diligence for the benefit of purchasers to reveal significant risks related to target companies and internal audit for the benefit of sellers to minimise any corporate, IP, tax or other risks.

  • Carrying out due diligence in respect of various industrial production, construction, natural resource extraction, transportation and pharmaceutical projects
  •  Structuring international and Russian transactions with company shares
  •  Supporting purchase and sale transactions for the benefit of purchasers or sellers
  •  Collecting data, drafting contractual documents, and working with regulatory authorities when supporting transactions and disclosing information
  •  Providing comprehensive legal advice to issuers, sellers and shareholders on various matters of securities transactions
  •  Restructuring corporate management bodies, and establishing and causing to be approved various regulations and bylaws
  •  Supporting intragroup relocations of assets and companies
  • Counteracting hostile takeovers, corporate captures and business lockdowns


Recent News

2 August 2021

RL’s Partner Kirill Ermolenko Gave a Master Class to HSE Students

RussianLegal is making it a point of its duty to support and develop meaningful projects in the sphere of legal education in Russia


Recent News

9 July 2021

RL Won a Tough Corporate Dispute in Court and CBR

RL Recovered Losses from General Director and Fined Him for Breach of Duty