Health Care and Medicine

Providing Diversified Support to Medical and Biological Companies, Clinical Researchers and Pharmaceutical Retailers

When establishing this practice, we made it a point to always focus on particular people so that they can enjoy a healthy life.

Our experts solve various problems related to pharmaceutical regulations, logistics and customs clearance of medical shipments and support complicated cases involving individuals.

  • Supporting GMP inspections, drafting and auditing various documents, and auditing legal risks faced by clients when carrying out their business operations
  • Advising our clients on the approval and implementation of any phase of clinical studies
  • Supporting drug registrations and importation of pharmaceutical substances and medical products
  • Providing legal support of research and development works to create new drugs
  • Protecting intellectual property rights and patenting innovative drugs
  • Representing our clients before customs authorities, the Federal Health Care Supervisory Service (Roszdravnadzor) and the Russian Consumer Protection Service (Rospotrebnadzor)
  • Helping individual clients to get access to medical aid abroad, participate in medical studies and receive transplantologic services
  • Building international partnerships between public and private institutions


Recent News

8 April 2021

RussianLegal Has Defended a Major Creditor in Victor Baturin’s Bankruptcy Case

RussianLegal has acted on behalf of major investors, Parony Limited and Sarrio Investments Limited, participating in Victor Baturin’s Bankruptcy Case


Recent News

30 March 2021

RussianLegal reviewed the possibility to freely use the radio frequency of 5.6 MHz in Belarus

RussianLegal explained to its client how private users may operate radio equipment at 5.6 MHz