Legal Investigations

A Holistic View is a Must for Well-Balanced Management Decisions

Any large company’s business inevitably attracts attention of those willing to sponge off it, and the more extensive and diversified is such business, the harder it is to reveal the existing problems in due time.

As external independent advisers, we are able to put any situation into perspective and correctly arrange for compliance or security activities of your company.

  • Analysing business areas most prone to corruption and abuses (such as procurement and sales)
  •  Developing risk management programmes and monitoring and internal audit procedures
  •  Introducing a monitoring system to oversee employees’ activities, delivering related lectures and holding related workshops
  •  Supporting due diligence in respect of counterparties, ensuring that the principle of due care is observed, and proving the reality of transactions to tax authorities and courts
  •  Revealing conspiracies involving managers, counterparties and shareholders of companies
  •  Investigating into managers’ activities to the extent concerning abuses of their powers to check if these activities indicate corpus delicti
  •  Disclosing corporate transaction structures, determining if there are parties interested in a transaction, and finding out ultimate beneficiaries


Recent News

8 April 2021

RussianLegal Has Defended a Major Creditor in Victor Baturin’s Bankruptcy Case

RussianLegal has acted on behalf of major investors, Parony Limited and Sarrio Investments Limited, participating in Victor Baturin’s Bankruptcy Case


Recent News

30 March 2021

RussianLegal reviewed the possibility to freely use the radio frequency of 5.6 MHz in Belarus

RussianLegal explained to its client how private users may operate radio equipment at 5.6 MHz