Foreign Trade and Customs Law

We Understand the Ins and Outs of Any Foreign-Trade Transaction and Promptly Assess Potential Risks

RussianLegal has solid experience in providing comprehensive support of large-scale commercial transactions, deliveries of complex equipment and raw materials, and protection of intellectual property rights.

Our achievements have been marked by a high professional rating assigned to RussianLegal by Kommersant who ranked us as a top Russian legal firm in Foreign Trade, Customs Laws and Currency Regulation.

  • Drafting and causing to be approved foreign-trade contracts for supply of products, industrial equipment, intellectual properties, and software, including those subject to foreign law
  • Advising on supply chain arrangements, cargo handling procedures, warehousing, and special cargo operations
  • Participating in administrative proceedings and disputes with customs authorities, supporting recognition of transportation losses, arranging for surveyor studies, and raising claims against persons liable for losses
  • Advising our clients on taxation peculiarities of export transactions, customs duty calculation and payment procedures, and the application of Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature (FEACN) codes
  • Providing legal opinions on the application of the Customs Union’s laws and peculiarities of the national laws of the Eurasian Economic Union (ECU) member countries that govern exports and imports
  • Developing staff training programmes in the basic rules of the importation of goods into the ECU, trademark protection, and dealer chain building
  •  Providing legal support of international clinical studies, expert examinations, official registrations and sales of drugs
  • Supporting freight transactions, sale, purchase and registration procedures in respect of vessels, and participating ion disputes involving vessel owners, carriers, marine agents, bunker suppliers, port authorities and forwarding agents


Recent News

19 January 2021

The Russian Legal team has successfully reduced the cadastral value of the land plot from 450 to 150 million rubles

RussianLegal Successfully Reduced the Cadastral Value of a Leased Land Plot to Accommodate a FMCG Warehousing Hub in Moscow from RUB 450m to RUB 150m


Recent News

16 December 2020

RussianLegal Got a Court to Refuse to Issue a Writ of Execution based on an Arbitration Award

RussianLegal Prevented an Attempt at Stripping Assets through fictitious arbitration proceedings