Doing business in Russia

In-Depth Understanding of the Specifics and Investment Risks of the Russian Market

RussianLegal has extensive experience in providing legal support to foreign companies and investors as they enter the Russian market and implement their projects in Russia.

RussianLegal makes an in-depth review of investments and business projects in Russia based on the applicable local laws and dedicated practices of executive authorities and courts; an approach that enables us to fairly assess potential risks, overcome regulatory barriers and minimise implementation costs.

  • Representing our clients in large-scale commercial transactions and developing project implementation plans and funding schemes
  • Supporting business restructuring efforts by foreign investors trying to come into the Russian market
  • Preparing legal opinions on existing governmental support programmes for investors, preferential tax treatment and special economic area residencies
  • Establishing joint ventures and drafting investment and partnership agreements
  • Monitoring performance of investors’ obligations and resolving disputes
  • Supporting investment project presentations and approvals with competent governmental authorities
  • Supporting start-ups, technology developers and research teams applying for subsidies and grants, and building corporate structures with foreign mentors
  • Conducting independent expert examinations of projects and applications for participation in investment programmes


Recent News

19 January 2021

The Russian Legal team has successfully reduced the cadastral value of the land plot from 450 to 150 million rubles

RussianLegal Successfully Reduced the Cadastral Value of a Leased Land Plot to Accommodate a FMCG Warehousing Hub in Moscow from RUB 450m to RUB 150m


Recent News

16 December 2020

RussianLegal Got a Court to Refuse to Issue a Writ of Execution based on an Arbitration Award

RussianLegal Prevented an Attempt at Stripping Assets through fictitious arbitration proceedings