Extraordinary Disputes

In Disputes with Vague Chances of Success, the Outcome Depends on Creative Decision-Making, the Chess-like Thinking and Pro-active Approach

RussianLegal focuses on atypical judicial disputes complicated by extremely high standards of proving, sophisticated industry specifics, foreign laws or jurisdictions, or mala fide behaviour of the opponents, including abuse of rights and falsification of evidence.

We have extensive experience in participating in various cross-border litigations, disputes with governmental authorities and corporate bankruptcy proceedings on the part of both debtors and bankruptcy creditors, including challenging doubtful transactions and restoring the status of properties as part of bankruptcy assets.

  • Assessing the prospects of any litigation and holding negotiations
  •  Reviewing case law, developing a behavioural strategy to be followed by our clients during the proceedings, and drafting procedural documents
  •  Collecting and analysing evidence, conducting legal investigations, finding out assets, and enforcing Russian and foreign court decisions
  •  Arranging for complaint management and acting for our clients in proceedings before commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction on any category of case
  •  Acting for our clients in proceedings before arbitration tribunals
  •  Participating in cross-border and foreign litigations
  •  Protecting trade secrets and intellectual property rights and participating in patent disputes
  •  Protecting debtor, creditor and third-party rights in bankruptcy proceedings against individuals or legal entities
  •  Participating in administrative disputes with tax, customs and antimonopoly authorities, and revealing tax reserves and overpayments
  •   Protecting honour, dignity and business reputation
  •  Applying for and challenging injunctive relief


Recent News

30 September 2021

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Russia

RL Reviewed Recognition Procedures of Foreign Judgments in Russia and Some Bankruptcy Cases Focusing on Case-Related Advice for Its Client.


Recent News

21 September 2021

RL Held a Student Contest on Corporate Law

RussianLegal Used MSAL’s PRO.Education Platform to Hold a Contest on the Subject of Beneficial Ownership in Corporate Disputes