White Collar Crimes

An Immediate Response to Unexpected Situations and Well-Thought-Out Defense Strategies

RussianLegal specialises in providing comprehensive defence to owners and top managers of companies subject to investigations into various economic crimes, including fraud, abuse of powers as well as tax, customs or other offences.

Based on in-depth knowledge of criminal law and procedural issues, vast hands-on experience and proactive approach, the firm builds extremely forceful defense in every criminal case it handles. 

  • Representing our clients in the course of any intelligence and investigation activities against them (such as detentions, interrogations, searches and seizures) in relation to any economic or corruption cases
  •   Protecting the interests of our clients at all phases of interrogation, investigation and trial, and drafting procedural documents, applications and complaints
  •  Assessing and explaining risks seen in complex legal situations
  •  Reviewing criminal case law and assessing the behaviour of third parties under criminal law
  •  Disclosing corporate fraud schemes and thefts involving shareholders and employees of companies, and counteracting attempted hostile take-overs
  •   Collecting evidence, searching for witnesses and getting explanations in criminal proceedings
  •  Visiting people in detention
  •  Raising civil claims and seeking to recover losses in criminal proceedings


Recent News

8 April 2021

RussianLegal Has Defended a Major Creditor in Victor Baturin’s Bankruptcy Case

RussianLegal has acted on behalf of major investors, Parony Limited and Sarrio Investments Limited, participating in Victor Baturin’s Bankruptcy Case


Recent News

30 March 2021

RussianLegal reviewed the possibility to freely use the radio frequency of 5.6 MHz in Belarus

RussianLegal explained to its client how private users may operate radio equipment at 5.6 MHz