CoVID Regulatory Matters

Weighted decisions in an era of global uncertainty

The social turmoil combined with economic shocks rocked all spheres of human life earlier this year. Entire industries that looked like islands of conservatism and stability as recently as yesterday have to change now at an unusual speed.

RussianLegal is constantly analysing information concerning new approaches taken by governmental authorities to fight the spread of CoVID-19 and developing the most up-to-date solutions to protect human health and business interests for the purposes of managing the related compliance risks.

  • Advising on employment process arrangements in compliance with requirements imposed by federal and regional authorities
  •  Making arrangements for the performance of contractual obligations amidst quarantine measures and restrictions
  •  Defending administrative cases where authorities seek to hold businesses liable for violations of sanitary requirements
  •   Developing methods for better payroll management and reducing administration costs
  •  Assessing risks for a company to be prosecuted for failure to perform its obligations amidst the pandemic


Recent News

19 January 2021

The Russian Legal team has successfully reduced the cadastral value of the land plot from 450 to 150 million rubles

RussianLegal Successfully Reduced the Cadastral Value of a Leased Land Plot to Accommodate a FMCG Warehousing Hub in Moscow from RUB 450m to RUB 150m


Recent News

16 December 2020

RussianLegal Got a Court to Refuse to Issue a Writ of Execution based on an Arbitration Award

RussianLegal Prevented an Attempt at Stripping Assets through fictitious arbitration proceedings