Corporate Conflicts

The Resolution of Corporate Conflicts and Asset Battles Requires an Integral Approach and Exceptional Litigation Support

Our extensive experience in resolving corporate conflicts includes a variety of large and extremely intricate cases most of which have been widely covered by mass media.

RussianLegal successfully acts on the part of both majority business owners subjected to greenmailing and minority or non-controlling shareholders whose interests are infringed by their partners acting in bad faith by withdrawing assets from their joint businesses.

  • Challenging shareholders resolutions, and seeking to recover losses inflicted by the sole executive body or directors of a company
  • Challenging transactions and payments
  • Managing complaints and providing mediatory services
  • Arranging for and legally supporting shareholders’ and members’ meetings
  • Restoring corporate control over a business
  • Reclaiming withdrawn assets
  • Drafting internal documents, shareholders agreements and corporate policies
  • Protecting minority rights and effectively using active shareholder tactics


Recent News

30 September 2021

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Russia

RL Reviewed Recognition Procedures of Foreign Judgments in Russia and Some Bankruptcy Cases Focusing on Case-Related Advice for Its Client.


Recent News

21 September 2021

RL Held a Student Contest on Corporate Law

RussianLegal Used MSAL’s PRO.Education Platform to Hold a Contest on the Subject of Beneficial Ownership in Corporate Disputes