RussianLegal Freezes a Debtor’s Assets Worth $25,000,000 in a Dispute with a Major Logistics Operator

Mikhail Khabarov, a business partner of Alexander Bogatikov, the beneficiary of Delovye Linii, the largest transportation holding company in Russia, filed with the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) a statement of claim seeking to recover USD 25,000,000 under a management consultancy services agreement in respect of the holding company.

In response to the claims, Mr Bogatikov began taking aggressive steps to dilute his stake to prevent his assets from being further attached upon completion of the LCIA proceedings.

RussianLegal promptly drafted a motion to be filed with a Russian court for injunctive relief in respect of Mr Bogatikov’s assets to prepare the ground for enforcement of the LCIA award. As a result of our efforts, the Russian court imposed a ban on any transactions with Mr Bogatikov’s interests in the holding company.