RussianLegal’s Founder Andrey Kozlov Gave an Interview to Leading Russian Media on Injunctive Relief against Delovye Linii’s Co-Owner’s Share

In his interview with Kommersant, Interfax and Forbes, Andrey Kozlov, RussianLegal’s Managing Partner, elaborated on the essence of the conflict between Mikhail Khabarov and Alexander Bogatikov and on the unique precedent where a Russian court granted injunctive relief as part of foreign court’s proceedings.

Mr Khabarov filed with the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) a statement of claim seeking to recover $25,000,000 from Mr Bogatikov’s companies. In order not to lose Delovye Linii, his key asset, Mr Bogatikov tried to transfer his ownership interest in the company to his relatives, which transfer should have rendered the enforcement of the LCIA’s award impossible.

According to Mr Kozlov, RussianLegal considers the change in Delovye Linii’s ownership pattern as Mr Bogatikov’s brazen attempt to hide his assets thus trying to avoid the need to meet the purely monetary claims of RussianLegal’s client companies.

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