The Firm achieved socially significant success in Alyona Doletskaya case

As a result of defending the interests of Alena Doletskaya, who was seriously injured in a collision with a Delivery Club courier, our team has initiated important legislative changes aimed to improve public health and safety.

Based on the analytical work, we have been able to develop a number of pinpoint proposals that together affect the whole area of personal mobility equipment use.

Together with the State Duma deputies, Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, as well as with the Moscow City Transport Department, the lawyers of the Firm have achieved special speed limits for two-wheel electric vehicles, new technical requirements to lighting equipment, rules for crossing pedestrian crossings.

The Firm's work in this area will continue. Other changes, such as the creation of SROs for electric transport operators, the implementation of information exchange on violations between the traffic police and operators, and the prohibition of electric bikes operation by delivery services in winter, will become our team`s further targets.