Andrey Kozlov - moderator at XI SPILF

Andrey has initiated a special session to discuss India's role as a global economy. One of the most important topics covered in the session will be removing obstacles to accelerate the mutual integration of small and medium-sized businesses of both countries.

At the invitation of the Firm, the session will feature speakers from India's legal business - Ashwani Taneja (Prudent Law Chambers), Ashish Deep Verma (Vidhisastras-Advocates and Solicitors), as well as speakers who have hands-on experience of managing business processes in the two countries. Namely: Ramnik Kohli - representative of the Business Council for Cooperation with India, Azamat Metov - General Director of Pharm Aid LTD, Valentin Makarov - President of RUSSOFT Association and Andrey Belyakov - Head of Indian division of Technonikol.

The session will bring together entrepreneurs and lawyers currently involved in international Russian-Indian projects, as well as private equity managers in search of new wealth protection mechanisms in the changing world.