RussianLegal is included in the "Leaders" category of the Forbes Club Legal Ranking

The Firm took the leading positions in the following categories:

Crisis Management: Avoiding Subsidiary Liability
Asset transactions, securities and investments

Forbes Club Legal Ranking is a study conducted by the Forbes Club project on a non-profit basis. Its purpose, as indicated by the organizers of the rating, is to help wealthy individuals and members of Forbes Club in selecting a reliable legal adviser, who can seek protection of interests in difficult life or business situations, who will provide exceptional expertise, can become a trustee and be fully involved in the resolution of the problem with high standards of ethics and quality of service.

The long-list of 124 out of more than 700 law firms of diverse specialization, which develop their practice of serving affluent clients in resolving complex issues of investment and asset protection, personal finance, legal protection from risks in business and personal sphere, have been included into the rating.

In turn, the category "Leaders" is represented by law firms that scored the highest points in the study for uniqueness, particular complexity and efficiency of project work, have in their portfolio the largest projects in terms of transaction amounts, disputes or claims of regulatory bodies, serving well-known clients, including wealthy individuals included in the Russian Forbes list.