RussianLegal supported the deal on attracting investments to a Big Data company

Yoloco, an IT startup, succeeded in attracting international investment. Gofstein & Partners advised the IT business on how to structure the deal.

Yoloco is a Big Data company, which actively uses artificial intelligence models for effective advertising in social networks. Yoloco is the Russian market leader in social network analytics.

It's no secret that social networks have changed the strategy of business and advertising in general. Customers now trust people like them, not formulaic advertising posts.

The team of IT start-up developed a platform Yoloco, with the help of which brands analyze their audience and find the appropriate opinion leader (blogger) in social networks. The platform's algorithms are set up in such a way that, as a result of account processing, it reveals users' preferences, their gender, age, and the number of real subscribers.

However, the expansion of business and the spread of the platform to the international market is impossible without foreign investment. To attract investment, in turn, qualified legal support is required. The investor must make sure not only that the IT development is promising, but also that there are no legal obstacles. The lawyers of Gofstein & Partners helped Yoloco with this.

The law firm, along with Cypriot colleagues from EliasNeocleous and Co LLC, advised on IP, tax and M&A matters. In addition to purely legal advice, Gofstein & Partners provided organizational assistance in negotiations with the investor, representing the interests of the startup.

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In the first half of 2022, the RussianLegal law firm operated under the Gofstein and Partners brand, then the firm continued to operate under the original name.