Fixing a Mistake in ALVAs Air Carriage


Mitigating the effects of a stroke code mistake made in transhipment, resulting in an air carrier delivering to the recipient a wrong cargo released by the customs authority without inspection instead of artificial lung ventilation apparatuses (ALVAs)

Medical Supply Depot
Supply of medical equipment and materials


Due to the importance of the equipment for medical institutions, the customs authorities released the cargo without inspection and the mistake was only found at the recipient’s warehouse.

The client paid customs duties for the wrong goods. We conducted an investigation to find out that the proper equipment is stored at a terminal in Amsterdam.

As a result of our comprehensive work carried out and the efforts made, the cargo was correctly delivered at the carrier’s cost and cleared by the customs with the customs duties set off against the previous payments.


The unclaimed cargo in Amsterdam was not recognised unattended and was delivered to the recipient in exchange for the misdelivered one with no extra costs. The much-sought-after devices were delivered to their recipients in time.