Andrey Kozlov’s speech at SPBILF 2021

On May 20, 2021, Andrey Kozlov, Managing Partner of “RussianLegal”, spoke at the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum in the section “Criminal risks of business, its owners and management”.  The speech was focused on the criminal consequences that may arise from involvement in a corporate conflict.  Andrey recalled major conflicts, which became notorious because of their transition from the private sphere to the criminal sphere.  In order to avoid such considerable consequences, Andrey suggested criteria to guide the parties to a corporate conflict.

The criteria were formulated not for obvious situations, e.g. for theft or documents forgery, but for more complex cases when the object of a crime is not the property of an organization but the right to manage a company that belongs to another shareholder.

Andrey proposes a complex approach to the analysis of crimes connected with the violation of corporate rights, because the hybrid nature of these rights makes it insufficient to have a shallow analysis of the illegal actions of the parties to corporate conflicts.